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DIY Epoxy Garage Floor

DIY Epoxy Garage Floor

You may be interested to know that epoxy garage floors are a great DIY project you can do to spruce up your house. Epoxy will make your floors look beautiful, clean up easily, and give your garage a finished appearance. Over many years I’ve personally epoxied about 15 garages for friends and family. To be honest, all of them have turned out great, and the floors have held up extremely well. I chose epoxy over garage floor paint because it is a much more durable and long-lasting finish. The main point to having a long-lasting epoxy garage floor is to properly prep your floors. I am going to relate the prep project to one of my favorite quotes by Abraham Lincoln. He says:

If I had 8 hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend 7 of them sharpening my axe.”

Sure, you may have heard this one. This quote rings true in the world of epoxy floors. You must spend the time to properly clean and prep your garage. If you do, the end results will be fantabulous.

Now it’s time to tell you a personal experience. In this post I will demonstrate a DIY epoxy garage floor I recently worked for the family. Usually, I start with a bare concrete floor, but this special garage had been painted long time ago with epoxy and was needing a facelift. The steps are very similar to that of doing a garage without a coating previously on them. I will show photos from various projects I’ve done so you can achieve a good idea of what your floor will look like. Wish you have a better idea of how epoxy flooring can be.




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