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Epoxy Coating made for Mechanical Workshop Areas

Epoxy Coating made for Mechanical Workshop Areas

Workshops are the place in which people maybe interest in to have a much better business. To be more familiar with our way of work, you can visit our workshop. Our HEF Workshop epoxy floor coating system is an idealized solution for workshop environments in the automotive industry, for example, where spills from oils and battery acid can frequently take place. It is available in wide variety of colors, gloss level and slip resistance that can be applied to highlight important safety areas and improve work flow efficiency.


  • Slip bearing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals, oils and acids
  • Being long-lasting and longevity
  • Improved aesthetics for all spaces
  • Astonishing resistance

There are some reasons why we suggest our product. Our epoxy coating systems create abrasive and impact resistance, so you can rest assured that your workshop floor will always work, avoiding time-consuming repairs that disrupt working hours. Oil or acid spills are quickly as well as easily wiped away, leaving your floor looking like new, which brings value and confidence to our business from a customer’s perspective. Employees will also take advantage from working in a bright environment where the risk of slips and falls are greatly decreased.

Furthermore, workshop floors will remain bright, clean and dust free for many years to come with HEF’s range of epoxy coating systems. We provide professional installation and can work around your business to reduce disruption during working hours. Our coatings suggest a fast curing/drying time and are ready for foot traffic within 24 hours, as a result, within a relatively short period of time, your employees and customers will experience the instant brightening effect that HEF epoxy coating systems provide.

In case of interest and any help, please contact us to help you find the ideal flooring solution now.

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